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  • Omni Swing vs Yoga Swing — Breakin’ it Down

    Omni Swing vs Yoga Swing — Breakin’ it Down

    What is the Omni-Swing you say? We’ll break down all it’s unique and brand-new features here! (Follow this link to read more…)

  • Omni Swing™

    Omni Swing™

    The newest version of our patented YogaSwing™ the Omni YogaSwing™ will have you falling in love with life again. Check out the differences here. Starting at just $125.

  • Omni Gym & Rock-It Stand

    Omni Gym & Rock-It Stand

    No where to hang your new swing? No problem! We’ve got the perfect thing…
    Starting at just $449

  • Original YogaSwing

    Original YogaSwing

    Our Original YogaSwing™ model starting at $169

Home of the only Patented & Original Yoga Swing tm

as well as the latest & greatest evolutionary supermodel …

the one & only Omni Gym tm

- For total body-mind fitness:  anywhere…anytime… any Body –


 Check out Omni Gym featured on Forbes Living….

  * The Whole Works
   * Multi-Swing Stand

What is Omni Gym?

By now you’ve heard of our Original YogaSwing that’s been turning the world upside down since 2001, but you may not be as familiar with the latest & greatest advancements in YogaSwing suspension technology… the incomparable Omni Swing™!  A plush and cushioned supermodel that not only comes with even more new FUNctions and comfort (if you can believe that)! Not only that but our swing system now have  even more cool new ACCESSORIES to take your Flying Fitnesstm fun even further than you dreamed possible! Inversion Slant Boards, trapeze packages, Over-door Daisychains, portable compact neck traction units, suspension  plates,  Ab Straps, Hanging Ladders, wall posters &  instructional DVDs, etc. etc. Not to mention 3 different types of stands to hang your chariot of the gods from … the Rock-It Stand, the Multi-Swing Stand and the Hitchhiker Stand (which will snap into any standard 2 inch tow hitch of your vehicle to go anywhere you go – beach, mountains, park, etc.

A more complete and superior multi-FUNctional system for PHYSICAL FITNESS, aerial ‘SWING YOGA’ tm and the prevention & self-treatment of NECK & BACK PAIN for home, office, travel does not yet exist! IF you can find a superior more complete system than ours we will give you a swing for FREE!! Can’t be done!

Don’t believe it?  Take it for a test flight and prove it for yourself! You’ll get 30 days to try it out for free! If it doesn’t exceed your greatest expectations by reducing your neck or back pain, improving in your flexibility & strength, and increasing your happiness and energy levels then simply return it for a refund, no questions asked! No more reason to deny yourself the BLISS your body craves.

We will beat ANY price of the Knockoff Yoga Swings!!

Not only that but if you find a LESS EXPENSIVE Yoga Swing from any of the knockoffs or copycat swings out there we will beat their price! Of course this refers only to our Original Yoga Swingtm model which is the only model that is currently being copycatted. NO other company has anything even close to either our super cushy & super versatile Omni Swing tm models nor our Omni Gym tm. For a more thorough COMPARISON between the cost and quality differences of our Yogaswing models and the Knockoffs click here.


Omni Gym Swing Systems have 18 CORE FUNCTIONS:

1) Inversion Therapy

2) Lumbar-Pelvic Traction

3) Weightless Flying Fitness

4) Self Treat Neck & Back Pain

5) Spinal Decompression Therapy

6) Total Home Gym & Athletic Trainer

7) Home Rehab for Musculo-Skeletal Injuries

8 ) Martial Arts – Dance - Gymnastics – ALL Sports 

 9) Self-Manipulation of Spine (‘Chiropractor-in-a-Sling‘)

10) Jungle Gym for Kids (they love to spin & bounce)

11) Suspension Fitness Trainer (way beyond TRX)

12) Home Physical Therapy (save thousands $$)

13) Aerial ‘Swing Yoga’tm & Antigravity Yoga

14) Tension & Stress Management

15) Simple Hammock 

16) Pilates Trainer

 17) Tantra Swing

18) Sky Chair

Join the Movement & HANG with the BEST!

Omni Gym YogaSwing™

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