Swing Yoga Certification Training

Next session is July 9th-10th, 2016, in Chico, CA.

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Omni Gym

Portable and affordable- never miss an Omni Gym moment!

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We were right when we predicted our product would change the world´s approach when it came to total body-mind fitness.

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The Omni Gym

For well-rounded fitness and healing at home, at work or at the park.

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Omni Swing

Your new best friend, check out the difference between the Omni and other models

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Swing Yoga and Flying Fitness Workshop and Classes

Check out the new classes added at our studio in Chico, CA.

Certification Training is July 9th – 10th.


Strengthen your spine, strengthen your life.

Relieve back pain, heal your body and feel the difference.


Home of the only patented & original Yoga Swing™
Total body-mind fitness:  anywhere, any time, any body

Omni Gym featured on Forbes Living TV!

Omni Gym Swing System CORE FUNCTIONS:

Inversion Therapy & Spinal Decompression

Rehab and PT for Musculo-Skeletal Injuries

Self Treat Neck & Back Pain

Lumbar-Pelvic Traction

Weightless Flying Fitness™

Suspension Fitness Trainer

Home Gym & Athletic Trainer

Tension & Stress Management

Swing Yoga™ & Aerial Antigravity Yoga

Self Manipulation of Spine (‘Chiropractor-in-a-sling’)

I use your swing EVERY SINGLE DAY!  IT FEELS SO GOOD!! With this swing EVERYBODY can benefit – even a person who doesn’t know much about spinal decompression therapy, they can still fix their own backs and heal themselves. Thank you! I love it.

Juan Salinas

Shoulder getting more range of motion, finally. Thanks in part to the great stretching I am able to do on my Omni Gym YogaSwing! I really believe this is a winning combination to the rehabilitation of my frozen shoulder. Still a way to go to get the strength back, working on that! It’s been 3+ years of rehabbing.

Heidy Blumenschein

I was not able to do lumbar traction at physical therapy because I have spondololysthesis; and cervical traction caused more headache and occipital pain. This traction is painless and feels wonderful. This is so great because whenever I try athletic or power yoga on the mat it ends up causing a great deal of pain. But now I feel like I can have that practice back again with my swing. Excellent product!

Nan Ivins

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