• Pose Poster

    Pose Poster

    Make up your own routine, or follow ours…

  • Omni Swing vs Yoga Swing — Breakin’ it Down

    Omni Swing vs Yoga Swing — Breakin’ it Down

    What is the Omni-Swing you say? We’ll break down all it’s unique and brand-new features here! (Follow this link to read more…)

  • Omni Swing™

    Omni Swing™

    The newest version of our patented YogaSwing™ the Omni YogaSwing™ will have you falling in love with life again. Check out the differences here. Starting at just $111.

  • Omni Gym & Rock-It Stand

    Omni Gym & Rock-It Stand

    No where to hang your new swing? No problem! We’ve got the perfect thing…
    Starting at just $449

  • Original YogaSwing

    Original YogaSwing

    Our Original YogaSwing™ model starting at $125!

Home of the Original Yoga Swing

 Total Body Health & Fitness: Anywhere. Anytime. Any Body.

Check out our Spring Specials and save!

Pre-Arrival Sale


  * ‘The Works’


  * Multi-Swing Stand


You have heard of our Original YogaSwing, but you may be unfamiliar with the latest in yogaswing suspension technology. Omni Gym™ proudly brings you the incomparable Omni YogaSwing:™ a model that not only comes with many new functions and invaluable comfort, you can also pair it with the Rock-It Stand for a complete yoga and fitness station.

This is OMNI GYM™ – Home of the Original YogaSwing.  A more complete and superior system for physical fitness, aerial yoga & the prevention and treatment of neck & back pain for home, office, travel does not yet exist.


Omni Gym Swing Systems´18 CORE FUNCTIONS

1) Inversion Therapy

2) Lumbar-Pelvic Traction

3) Weightless Flying Fitness

4) Self Treat Neck & Back Pain

5) Spinal Decompression Therapy

6) Total Home Gym & Athletic Trainer

7) Home Rehab for Musculo-Skeletal Injuries

8 ) Martial Arts – Dance - Gymnastics – ALL Sports 

 9) Self-Manipulation of Spine (‘Chiropractor-in-a-Sling‘)

10) Jungle Gym for Kids (they love to spin & bounce)

11) Suspension Fitness Trainer (way beyond TRX)

12) Home Physical Therapy (save thousands $$)

13) Aerial Yoga Dance & Antigravity Yoga

14) Tension & Stress Management

15) Tantra Love Swing 

16) Simple Hammock

 17) Pilates Trainer

18) Sky Chair

Transforming the Way We Transform,

Join the Movement. Hang with the BEST.

Omni Gym YogaSwing™

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