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Omni Gym YogaSwings vs. Other Copycat Brands

Differences between Omni Gym’s YogaSwings &
 Omgym, Gravotonics, Yoga Trapeze & other copycat swings:


Our most common question is concerning the difference between our YogaSwings and other swing brands on the market:

Q: Hello, I was wondering if there was any way you can compare your YogaSwing (especially your newest OMNI model) to the newer omgym company. Is your model really more comfortable and why? Thanks in advance for any info you can provide. I ask so because I bought an inversion sling from Yogaprops and I’m out $100+ as it sits collecting dust because it is so painful to use. – Angel

A: Angel, we are fully aware of your concerns. The likely discomfort (often pain) of virtually all copycat yogaswings found on the market, as well as our own Original Yogaswing design, is actually what led us to innovate and design our newest model – the Omni YogaSwing. We quickly realized that any non-cushioned yoga swing tends to dig into the skin and be very uncomfortable, even causing the occasional bruse. This would prevent folks from using them as often or as long as desired. The padded Omni YogaSwing was the perfect fix. One can now play or workout to their heart´s content for hours, day after day, in TOTAL COMFORT with never a bruise! So beware of the more expensive but inferior copycats popping up online such as the Omgym, Yoga Trapeze, Gravotonics, Yoga Styling or the Bali Swing which are not nearly as comfortable, versatile, safe nor complete. Make sure you know what constitutes a true and complete ‘Yoga Swing’ and compare the differences before purchasing. Caveut emptor.

But because we currently sell two very different yoga swing models (ie: the old-style Yoga Swing which we call Original Yogaswing and the newer Omni YogaSwing), we shall have to divide the comparisons into two separate categories as follows :

I. The Original YogaSwing vs. Other Copycats:

Besides price, the main difference between our Original YogaSwing and the swings from Omgym, Gravitonics, Yoga Trapeze, Yoga Styling, Aero Yoga and others is that they are still using either uncomfortable, inferior or unsafe components which we would never sell:

1) Overpriced

The first and most obvious difference is that the omgym is essentially an overpriced yet inferior version of our Original YogaSwing model. Currently the same swing design which sells for $199 at, or $169 at, we offer at only $125 (plus a superior design to boot, as described below):

2) The hard plastic ‘adjusters’

they use on both the sling saddle as well as the fabric handles can dig painfully into the skin during use. We do not use these.

Uncomfortable plastic sliders

3) The unsafe S-Hooks

…other brands use can slip out of either the nylon suspension ropes or the fabric handles themselves (below see an actual video of an unsafe slip-out of S-Hook faulty swing handles here at exactly 1:55 into the video:  The poor girl in this video is lucky that she was not in a more compromising position when the handle slipped off. This is a very serious flaw in these inferior swing models! ALL of our swing models use the safer and much more secure carabiner snap hooks.

Omni Gym´s closed-loop caribiner hook for safety

Unsafe S-Hook used by all copycat swings



4) Too-short handles & foot stirrups

Omgym and other inferior swings still use handles that are much too short to adequately perform the hundreds of maneuvers that are possible on Omni Gym´s swing models. This limits the overall functionality and versatility of a yoga swing. Compare handle lengths in photo below with the lengthier handles & stirrups of either our Original YogaSwing or our Omni YogaSwings.

Copycat Yoga Swing Foto

Take a closer look at the faulty construction of other swings

II. Omni YogaSwing & vs. Other Copycats:

The 2nd category of differences shows the huge gap between our latest Omni YogaSwing model and all other yoga swings on the market (including our own Original YogaSwing). No other yoga swing in the world can boast the unique advantages of our “Omni models.”

1) External nylon cords

…used by Omgym, Gravotonics, Yoga Styling and others for suspension and/or height adjustment is both unsightly and external to the yoga swing design. Whereas the height-adjusting system of our Omni YogaSwing is aesthetically incorporated right into the swing (as opposed to the external nylon cord additions).

Unsightly external height-adjuster cords of copycat swings

Unsightly external height-adjuster cords of copycat swings



Omni Swing handles come with built-in height adjusters

Omni YogaSwing handles with built-in height adjusters




2) Cushioned Sling Fabric

No model is as fun nor comfortable as Omni YogaSwing for several important reasons. For one, notice how in the photos of the copycat swings below the un-cushioned nylon fabric itself becomes like a tight thin cord that digs into the skin uncomfortably. It will likewise dig into ones spine, arms, waist, hips and thighs once the body’s full weight is hanging on it during inversion, forward-bends or back-bends. This can become painful, may cause bruising, and is the number one complaint from users of this model of swing. This also is the number one reason why we revamped our older YogaSwing design and designed the all NEW Omni model with comfortable cushioning built into both the saddle as well as into the foot stirrups. So no more bruises! Yay for pain-free inversions and other maneuvers!

copycat yoga swing showing uncomfortable fabric

painful yogaswing

Un-cushioned swings dig into flesh & bruise








2) Padded Foot stirrups

The Omni YogaSwing is the only yoga swing in the world that has full-length padded and adjustable foot-stirrups that are not only more comfortable to stand on but which can be slid up the legs and thighs as well as up arms to the shoulders for a whole new variety of maneuvers that are strictly unavailable in any other swing design. This not only makes them more comfortable but also more useful and versatile than before!

The padded foot stirrups are incredibly multi-FUNctional – so think outside of the box and use them on your thighs, shins, forearms, shoulders, neck or wherever your imagination says go!   See photo  below for a close-up of the cushy new foot stirrup design with a second photo showing a ‘pigeon pose’  using only the Foot Stirrups (no sling nor handles even needed for this pose).

NOTE: Certain colors have the triple foot pads /(shown below) while others have the single foot pad. Please email us with any questions about the model/color you are ordering and whether it is single or triple padding.

Omni YogaSwing model´s triple-pad foot stirrups

Omni YogaSwing models’ triple-pad foot stirrups

Pigeon pose on padded foot stirrups

Pigeon pose on padded foot stirrups














3). Multiple handholds

Omni Swing handles come with built-in height adjusters

The new internally integrated height adjust system also offers more hand-holds than ever.

The Omni YogaSwing offers a grand total of 14 different handholds and 2 padded foot stirrups – and that is not even mentioning the pull-up bar! Most copycat swings offer just 4 handholds and 2 non-padded foot-stirrups. We offer an extra 5 hand-loops sewn into each of the middle handle straps.  Not only that but the short upper handles are completely independent and can be moved higher or lower onto any of these loops. Furthermore, you now have the option to purchase a pair of of extra independent upper handles which can be used on any of these loops. This combined with the optional pull-up bar could take you years to master the thousands of combinations of maneuvers achievable on your Omni YogaSwing and Omni Gym.










4) Cincher-Straps

Lets take a look at these neat little additions. When you get your Omni YogaSwing you will find these wrapped around the padded foot-stirrups (protects your stirrups). Take them off and you have two ingenious cincher straps for the purpose of binding the handles and straps together or “cinching” the sling of the swing closer together (great for those with tight hips).

Omni YogaSwing cincer straps

Omni YogaSwing cincer straps

Cincer strap use on Omni YogaSwing

Cincer strap use on Omni YogaSwing











5)  3-Spring Trapeze System

3-Spring TrapezeIt’s the next best thing to dancin on the moon! You won’t find this set-up sold anywhere else but you sure will want to try it. Our heavy duty 3-Spring Trapeze System is designed to hold up to 300lbs of weight and promises to give you the ride of your life. Our industrial strength springs are very safe and add a lovely zero-gravity bounce. Gentle bouncing is a great therapeutic tool for the lymph system and just like a baby, you might even find yourself taking your afternoon nap in your swing. Don’t forget it also comes with a pull bar with two foam grips and 3 different bar rings just in case you wanted to suspend the swing from a single-point as compared to the normal two-point suspension.





Remember: The Omni YogaSwing refers to our newest swing model. Omni Gym is the name of the complete package of both the swing & stand. Original YogaSwing refers to our older style models – still for sale and just as exceptional.



Q: Omgym advertises online ads that state their swing was “seen on Jay Leno and The View.” Is this true?

A: No, this is a false claim. It was Anthony ‘Tone’ Cardenas, the Physical Therapist who actually invented the very first original Yogaswing in 2001, that appeared on the Jay Leno show secondary to a show filmed at the LA Yoga Expo. Nor was the Omgym ever on The View as they claim, but a simple ‘Yoga Sling’ from was the one shown there, which is a sling device made of a simple fabric sheet with either hooks or ropes on the ends to suspend it from a ceiling, but without the patented handles, foot stirrups, cushioning, springs, pull-up bar, swivel or support stand that make up an actual Yoga Swing.

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