Stretches, Poses and Asanas on the


Omni Gym and YogaSwing 

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Images of Traction stretches on the Omni-Swing

Achieve spinal, neck and pelvic traction in a variety of ways with the Omni Gym and the Yoga Swing.  Like Jesus says…  “Physician, heal thyself!”


Images of Inversion and Decompression on Omni-Swing

The Swing does WONDERS when it comes to inversion therapy as well as decompression of the neck, back and pelvic area. Relieve everyday stress and tension from the constant affects of gravity. It’s like a natural Botox for the body!

Images of Yoga Postures and Stretches on Omni-Swing

Perfect your yoga practice with aerial  yoga stretches and postures on the Omni Gym  and  the Yoga Swing. Not only is this form of yoga much gentler on the joints, but it requires more concentration, focus and core energy to suspend oneself in the air.

Strengthen and tone every single muscle fiber in your body, explore all the possibilties with Omni Gym Flying Fitness. With every move, you will stretch, strengthen and tone every single muscle fiber in your body, especially your core. Experiment and explore by removing the sling for incrdible TRX-style body-weight suspension strength training.  Have fun with this completely revolutionary approach to achieving your fitness goals: weight-less fitness!


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