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Omni Gym is the premier innovator in yoga swings, hammocks, trapezes, support stands and accessories for back and neck care, aerial yoga and bodyweight strength training. If you suffer from back pain or want to increase flexibility and strength, our swing systems are for you!

Featured Products
Original Yoga Swing - Forest Green

Omni Yoga Swing Original

$ 129.00 $ 88.00

The world’s first yoga swing for aerial yoga, suspension training and inversion therapy. Since 2001. A customer favorite!

Omni Swing Pro - TurquoiseOmni Swing Pro - Turquoise

Omni Swing Pro

$ 249.00

Soothe your back pain with spinal decompression and stretch to your heart’s content with aerial yoga. Features a padded sling and foot stirrups for comfort and multi-functionality.

The Works with everything you need for your aerial yoga routine!Omni Stand - Trapeze System Pull-Ups

The Works

$ 1,550.00 $ 1,080.00

Everything you need to become proficient in aerial fitness, pain management and the mind-body connection. For home and travel. Includes 10 instructional videos (digital downloads).

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Why Omni Gym Yoga Swings?

Pain Relief

With our swings get instant pain relief by means of pelvic traction, spinal decompression, and inversion therapy. Immediate and long-lasting effects for better mood and more energy.


You may be eligible to get your Omni Gym Yoga Swing system for free through your health insurance provider. Call or email us for more info.

Stress Management

“I feel like I’m flying” is a comment we hear often. Relaxing and stretching in suspension has a soothing effect on the nervous system, counterbalancing sensory overload from technology and stress.

Fully Customizable

You decide what you want to include in your setup. Do you want a padded swing? We got it. Do you need a portable stand? Got it. Options include Omni Stand, Daisy Chains, Spring Trapeze, and more!

Omni Gym is for EVERYONE

Kids love it, adults love it, seniors love it. See our photos and video testimony!

Amazing Stretch!

5 5 1
One of the best and deepest stretches I have had in a while, great for my back pain and prevailing body aches. The Omni-gym structure easily supported my weight at 230lbs, thank you for providing a durable quality product!

Nourishment for the soul

5 5 1
We brought the yogaswing to work one day, and it was the best lunch break of my life! Talk about nourishment 😀 My spirit felt so full and well afterwards and let's just say, I have a new obsession."

We love our yoga swing

5 5 1
Thanks for putting such a tool/toy/exercise contraption together. The swing was the coolest Xmas present I could have gotten and we've logged many many hours upside down and on it in general.

This stand is so versatile...LOVE IT!!!

5 5 1
I absolutely love this stand. I only us it for yoga, but also for stretching, pull-ups, strength training and other inverted positions. My 9-year daughter loves this stand more than I Before my daughter goes to ballet classes she uses the stand to stretch out.

Game Changer

5 5 1
My daughters use this 3x a day. I started homeschooling this year and I read lessons while my daughter uses the omnigym. Your child doesn’t need medication. Your child needs more movement. I highly recommend this product. ❤️

Omni Swing Pro

5 5 1
This is my second one. Love it. I'm 68 years young. Feeling more like in my 20's. Now I'm in Florida and the weather is so great to experience my gym even more on an everyday basis. I just have seen the extensions to make my gym set even taller. Yippee. Love heights. Thank you so much for this wonderful invention.


5 5 1
Found your page on Google's search bar. Going to be purchasing my own VERY soon!

Find Your Swing!

Browse exclusive Omni Gym deals on swings and stands!

Provide yourself the tools for a life-changing practice with our portable yoga swing systems.  Use your swing anywhere, anytime. Currently our favorite place to practice? Anywhere we can take our Omni Stand…

A Family Company Since 2001

Omni Gym is a family owned and run company dedicated to promoting pain-relief, fitness and well-being for every body. We pride ourselves in our portable swing systems designed for all ages and all levels. Based in Chico, California we´ve been providing quality products for over 15 years. When you buy Omni Gym, you support homegrown business as well as creativity and innovation in the healthcare and fitness market. We don´t buy and sell other people´s products, we are proud trailblazers in the yoga swing market and inventors of the original Yoga Swing™. Read More…

Family operated company since 2001 - Omni Gym

“My favorite thing is the inversion. You could develop a complete geriatric program [with the Omni Gym], I am energetically at peace while doing this… it feels like I’m flying.”

Bill loves using the Omni Gym to decompressing his neck and spine
Bill MaHannahRecovered Quadriplegic

“Shoulder getting more range of motion, finally. Thanks in part to the great stretching I am able to do on my Omni Gym Yoga Swing! I really believe this is a winning combination to the rehabilitation of my frozen shoulder. It’s been 3+ years of rehabbing.”

Heidy BlumenscheinOmni Gym Owner

“I had an office job and I was experiencing huge pains in my back and neck… When I started using the Omni Swing Pro regularly, I kind of stopped [needing] physiotherapy, and soon my back and neck pain was gone.”

Renata CozniciInstructor & Aerial Gymnast

I use your swing EVERY SINGLE DAY.  It feels so good! With this swing everybody can benefit. Even a person who doesn’t know much about spinal decompression therapy can still fix their own backs and heal themselves. Thank you! I love it.”

Juan SalinasOmni Swing Owner

Hanging Out For Health and Fitness

Designed and patented by movement pioneer and physical therapist Anthony Cardenas and highly recommended by physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists and trainers alike, Omni Gym´s revolutionary yoga swing suspension system will take your home fitness training and self healing therapy and to whole new levels.

Using gravity to your advantage, exercise on our yoga swings tones, balances, stretches, and strengthens the entire body – emphasizing the core and spine – and encourages blood flow without putting undue stress on the joints.

Guaranteed to revolutionize the way you feel and face the day. Hanging out for health and fitness, since 2001.

Hang with Us

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