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Family Company Since 2001

We are proud inventors of the yoga swing and continue to provide innovative and effective therapy and fitness tools and techniques to encourage conscious health in a creative and independent manner. We do not believe in social norms nor that things should be done a certain way and therefore we promote the use of our products as a means to an end, to break past barriers and to achieve your own personal realization. We consider all of our connections from point A (manufacturing an idea) to point B (the customers) a part of the Omni Gym family. We take heed to individual needs, our social and environmental impact and we work hard to keep YOU satisfied and smiling. Join the Movement!

Our mission, as a family owned and operated company, is dedicated to promoting fun fitness, effective back and neck care and personal transformation for every body, without limitations on the place, age, physical ability or economic ability.

Letter from the Inventor...

As a Physical Therapist specializing in pain & stress Management for 20 years, I have been seriously exploring self-treatment of neck & back pain for a long time. Many years of research & self-experimentation have led to various self-healing techniques & devices such as Intuitive Yoga™, Muscle-Brain Integration™ and Rhythm Therapy™ – all of which I consider part of the term I coined Movement Medicine™.


I utilize these techniques on myself daily to keep pain and symptom free. When I invented the original yoga swing in 2001, it was initially designed for inversion and decompression therapy but I quickly saw its manifold applications. Not only was it the best home device for self-care, self-rehab, and prevention of neck & back pain, but it also turned out to be the best inversion therapy device on the planet – bar none!


This extremely multi-functional swing turned out to be the most novel approach ever invented for total body stretching and strengthening, aerial anti-gravity yoga‚ sports/dance/gymnastics training, suspension fitness and lumbar-pelvic traction & spinal adjustments.

– Tone Cardenas

Our History in Photos
Evolution of the Yoga Swing
Tone on a yoga swing prototype along the California cost.

Back in the late 90´s we were playing around on cotton sheets sewn together and hardware supply ropes trying to get upside down and relieve our own back pain. That was where the idea for the yoga swing came from. Eventually we got smart, created handles, added cushion inserts and height adjustment options and that eventually turned into the world´s very first yoga swing made out of parachute fabric and nylon ropes. More than a decade later and we are still playing around on whatever we can find to improve our suspension swing systems and turning it into the product that we proudly send to your home, gym, studio or private practice today. Read on for a little recap of just how far our company and the resulting yoga swing culture has come.

In 2001 the Original YogaSwing™ was “officially” invented and put out to market (*clouds part and celestial music sounds*). But we couldn’t sit still, literally, and would constantly come up with more and more ideas on how to bring you the best product possible, with the best design, the most options and the best price. From that point on, we kept redeveloping and rolling out new products such as the first stand prototype which eventually evolved into the Omni Stand™ or our signature cushioned Omni Swing Pro™ and the innovative Spring Trapeze System.


In 2007 Rosie O´Donnell hung upside down on the TV show The View, really boosting yoga swings´ popularity for inversion therapy. Around the same time, Antigravity classes for the mainstream also take root. More and more people open up to the idea of hanging upside down for fitness and fun. Our very own Tone Cardenas made his own debut on national television when a segment aired on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in which Steve Schirripa, from the Sopranos, gave our old yoga swing a go at the LA Yoga Expo.

We never could have expected yoga swings to become so popular – when once its very existence was frequently questioned, as well as our motives for wanting to continue in the business – but now worldwide they are in extraordinary demand for fitness, therapy and yoga training. Even celebrities have taken up the practice. We love it. All we ever wanted was to help people realize their own physical and mental potential and have fun while doing it.

In 2010, we officially changed our name to Omni Gym™ so as to promote the total body-mind fitness aspect of our products: it´s not just a yoga swing anymore. This may have led to some confusion in the transition, but know that we´re still the same company, with the same owners, as we were back at the turn of the millennium when you may have seen us hanging our tye-dyed sheet swings from makeshift swing-set stands. We invented the world´s first yoga swing, and are proud to say we´re still at it!


What People Are Saying
  • “I LOVE my new Omni Swing. As an amputee since a motorcycle accident, it’s tough for me to stretch and move the parts of my body that used to power the leg that’s no longer there. Now, if i can only get my eight-year old to let me have a turn!”

    Jeanette Anderson
    Amputee, Omni Swing Owner
  • “I feel GREAT! My body just feels like it’s glowing! For all the nursing mamas..THIS IS THE TICKET!!! SO much relief! INSTANTLY! Thank you …Thank You ..Thank You!!…Much Love.” 

    Nova White
    Nursing Mother
  • “Here we only got one place to join swing yoga & it was so expensive. I have a lower back pain, so I cant do other fitness thing or aerobic. I enjoyed it very much, its better than any other yoga because its not makes me boring at the class, in fact I love it. pardon my bad english! :)”

    Destriana Chantikadewi
    - Indonesia
  • “Now, when I look in the mirror, I can physically see a change in the shape of my body and I have only been on the Yoga Swing a few times. That is results! I do the Yoga Swing exercises nightly before going to bed and am now able to get to sleep without pain. That is why I got the swing, to get rid of my ongoing pain. All of the other benefits are mere side affects. And, what wonderful side affects they are!”

    Nancy Fleck
    Omni Swing Owner
  • “I suffered 2 years from very strong sciatic nerve pain down my leg from a L5/S1 herniated disc. I tried everything to find relief (acupuncture, herbal remedies, hot packs, etc) but nothing worked. To escape an operation that could hinder my life forever I found inversion therapy to be the best way to get rid of my pain. I´ve now begun to educate people how to prevent unnecessary surgery.”

    Licha Kaddissy
    Omni Swing Owner, Lebanon
  • “My favorite thing is the inversion. You could develop a complete geriatric program [with the Omni Gym], I am energetically at peace while doing this… it feels like I’m flying.”

    Bill loves using the Omni Gym to decompressing his neck and spine
    Bill MaHannah
    Recovered Quadriplegic
  • “I am truly grateful for this powerfully transformative tool as I’m confident it extends years on our lives. Yoga suggests when we lengthen our spine, we lengthen our life! This resonates as very true, witnessing the peace and connection with the present moment the Omni Gym promotes in everyone.”

    "The Omni Swing "is the most powerful transformative tool for the human body and mind that I've ever encountered in my entire life!... We're so excited to share this gift..." - Jazzie
    Jazzie MaHannah
    yoga instructor & studio owner
  • “Shoulder getting more range of motion, finally. Thanks in part to the great stretching I am able to do on my Omni Gym Yoga Swing! I really believe this is a winning combination to the rehabilitation of my frozen shoulder. It’s been 3+ years of rehabbing.”

    Heidy Blumenschein
    Omni Gym Owner
  • “I had an office job and I was experiencing huge pains in my back and neck… When I started using the Omni Swing Pro regularly, I kind of stopped [needing] physiotherapy, and soon my back and neck pain was gone.”

    Renata Coznici
    Instructor & Aerial Gymnast
  • I use your swing EVERY SINGLE DAY.  It feels so good! With this swing everybody can benefit. Even a person who doesn’t know much about spinal decompression therapy can still fix their own backs and heal themselves. Thank you! I love it.”

    Juan Salinas
    Omni Swing Owner
  • “I was not able to do lumbar traction at physical therapy because I have spondololysthesis, and cervical traction caused more headache and occipital pain. This traction is painless and feels wonderful. This is so great because whenever I try athletic or power yoga on the mat it ends up causing a great deal of pain. But now I feel like I can have that practice back again with my swing. Excellent product!”

    Nan Ivins
    Omni Swing Owner
  • “The Omni Swing is the most powerful transformative tool for the human body and mind that I’ve ever encountered in my entire life! We’re so excited to share this gift.”

    Jazzie MaHannah
    Instructor at Brahma Shanti Yoga

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