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Thank you for your interest in our Omni Gym Affiliate program. We look forward to establishing a strong and prosperous relationship. While you promote an incredible product, you, in turn, will earn cash on the side. A win-win for everyone! We have two great way you can be a rep of Omni Gym: our Affiliate program or our Dropship program as best suits your needs:

1.   Affiliate Program: with this program, you are free to list any item(s) from our product line that you wish to promote without having to purchase anything up front. Here you do not actually sell nor collect the income from said sale.  You simply invite them to click on your affiliate link found on your website or other online presence to either find out more information or to actually purchase. Your Affiliate link will take them directly to our website but it has a tracking cookie embedded into it which keeps track of whom it originated from so that we may keep track of your sales and commission totals.

Easy & Simple: this program is the easiest and the fastest way to get set up in order to start collecting commissions in one day because not only do we handle the actual sales and the collection of sales income, but we also handle the shipping of all products sold. All you have to do is make a page or a section of a page on your website listing your affiliate link alongside the products you wish to promote with the information provided below (or create your own promotional text if you wish). Once your page or blog is set up to promote the Omni Gym products you will need to send us a link that we may confirm your active participation.

Passive Income: with our Affiliate Program you will earn a 12% passive income off of every referral sale of any of our products simply by adding a link onto your website. Earn commissions simply by recommending our site to others! You will earn cash when you refer customers to our site, for as long as they continue to subscribe. This allows you generate an ongoing revenue stream that can really add up. Simply upload a few photos from our media resources of our various swing models, suspension stand, or accessories, or even our other products such as Muscle-Brain Integration videos and you are off and running!

Media & Promotional Resources are available under your account once you sign up. There is no charge to join our Affiliate Program. It’s easy … just click on the affiliate sign-up link below and check your email for a confirmation email with simple instructions. From there you can add links to your site and access reports online so you can see how well you are doing as an affiliate. We handle all orders as well as billing and shipment (as applicable). All you do is place the link and make money! To monitor your success you will be provided your own private link to log in and view instant reports showing how much affiliate commission you are earning!

Your Affiliate code is the link you receive when you sign up as an affiliate on our website.  If you have not already done so, you may Sign Up Here; and you will automatically be emailed your personal affiliate code to use. Just make sure you use the promo line and place your code on any page, website, FB, newsletter, blog, etc. that you are using to promote our products and. Place it right next to (after or before) our website name & link, swing photos & videos to ensure that your customer, friend, client or other online contact uses the code. Listing your link online is mandatory so you will not be able to become an affiliate officially until you can send us a link confirming this.

Commission Payments due for affiliate sales are paid monthly via Paypal. All international commissions the affiliate must have a Paypal.com account. In lieu of cash, Affiliates have the option to receive their reimbursement in the form of product at a 25% greater value. In other words, if you are owed $100 for affiliate commissions you are welcome to receive $125 worth of any product we have available.

2.    Drop Ship Program: in this program you will not have to sign up as an affiliate as with our regular Affiliate program above, but just as Amazon.com does you will list and promote whichever Omni Gym products you wish on your website, blog, etc and you will actually sell and collect the revenue from said sales with your own website merchant account. Once you have sold and collected the sales revenue plus the required shipping for the product you will then keep 15% of those sales and promptly reimburse Omni Gym the balance of the sale, including the proper shipping charge, directly into our PayPal.com account of info@yogaswing.com . This is the same rate that we pay Amazon.com to sell our products on their website. Once we receive the payment balance plus shipping for said sale we will then drop-ship the product to your customer within 2 business days.

Please note that we are more particular who we choose and allow to be drop shippers for our product line, thus this involves an application and a more thorough screening process. Please email us for an application at affiliates@Yogaswing.com  Bear in mind that the Dropship program involves a little bit more work on your part and that is the reason for the increased percentage on commissions. But if you already have your own shopping cart built into your website then it is a breeze. Media and promotional materials will be available for your use as stated above in the regular Affiliate program.

*Remember the more you promote the more income you will generate, so don’t be shy. We are more than happy to send you postcard flyers to use for your promotional purposes. Just email us your request and address and we’ll send you as many as you need. Once again … thank you thank you for your interest in promoting and sharing the love of the Omni Gym line to help us turn the world upside down for the better, one heavenly body at a time!  Please feel free to email or call us if you have any questions at all about the program at Affiliates@Yogaswing.com or toll free 1-877-YOGA-GYM