Swing Yoga

 Enjoy the benefits of yoga, including increased energy and improved mood, while exploring a fun new way to practice at home. It´s so easy children love using it too. Enjoy at any age.


Inversion Therapy

In the comfort of your home, explore an infinite variety of stretches and strengthening maneuvers for the spine. Treat back and neck pain and strengthen your weak areas.


Flying Fitness

With an endless repertoire of moves for aerial fitness and suspension training, we can´t be beat for full-body, multi-purpose, functional training.

Pelvic traction on the Omni Gym suspension stand with yoga swing

Strengthen your spine, strengthen your life

Your spine is central headquarters for nerves to conduct communication between the brain and the body. A weakened spine, (from injury, trauma, poor posture or limited body mechanics) directly affects quality of life due to pain or loss of function caused by stressed and pinched nerves and muscle imbalances. Stretching and strengthening on our yoga swings is a safe and effective way to integrate and heal these muscular, joint and nerve imbalances.

Omni Gym’s yoga swing systems are the result of over a decade’s worth of innovative commitment to achieve our goal: improve people´s lives one spine at a time.

Americans are in pain, but you don´t have to be!

Back pain is the lead cause of missed work time (up to 5.5 hours a week)1 and the leading cause of disability under 45.2  

This is HUGE news. We want to get you back to work and back to play time with your kids. We invented the yoga swing out of a need to treat neck and back pain at home (including our own) and we have dedicated our lives to sharing this tool with countless others who have used it to eliminate their own neck and back problems. Using your yoga swing for even just 5 minutes a day will dramatically increase your quality of life by reducing pain, increasing energy and improving mood.

of Americans suffer from back pain

Omni Gym

The best solution for your back pain

Our swings are comfortable and user-friendly for the prevention and self-treatment of back and neck pain. Integrated cushioning in the sling and footies, combined with the gentle bounce of the springs, make the Omni Yoga Swing Pro the ideal choice for spinal care at home. Results achieved for spinal decompression, lumbar/pelvic traction, and pain relief are rapid, effective, and long-lasting. We also have the best prices on the market.

Our own back pain story: a note on the inventor

In 2001, after several years battling back pain, physical therapist Anthony Cardenas created the yoga swing to decompress his spine and get pain relief from home. Anthony, or “Tone” as he prefers, also realized that the high cost of seeing a specialist was keeping many from seeking help for their own back issues. In trying to help others effectively and affordably treat neck and back pain, Tone applied his 30 plus years of specialized experience as a physical therapist to design a product that allowed people to treat themselves. Read More…

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Find Relief

on our premium yoga swings

Get back into the swing of things. Our padded Omni Swing Pro is gentle on the spine, will not bruise your skin and is incredibly multifunctional. Eliminate pain, strengthen weak areas and stretch tight muscles all at once.

Inversion Therapy: an ancient practice

A method used around the world by Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Physicians and trainers. This centuries-old practice that provides spinal decompression and traction throughout the spine, reversing blood flow and increasing circulation, permitting the discs to release their load and allow proper blood and nutrient flow to the nerves and tissue.

Omni Gym yoga swings are the best way to achieve inversion for a healthy spine. Our swings safely and comfortably facilitate complete inversion from the hip joint rather than the ankle joint. By using a combination of gravity and the body’s own weight, you´ll quickly restore functional levels of muscle strength, range of motion, and aid in the healing of spinal injuries.

Best Back Care Picks

Omni Gym

$ 795.00 $ 636.00
5.00 out of 5

Our signature Omni Swing Pro + Omni Stand. A practical set up for aerial yoga, back and neck care and suspension training. Stand assembles in 10 minutes indoors or outdoors. A customer favorite!

Omni Swing Pro (blue) with Trapeze - Flying Fish PoseOmni-Swing-plus-Trapeze-numbered

Omni Swing Pro + Spring Trapeze

$ 395.00
5.00 out of 5

Add soft bounce to your inversion therapy practice and shock absorption for suspension strength training. The padded Omni Swing Pro lets you practice aerial yoga for hours on end.

Your insurance can cover it

Our yoga swings be affordably obtained through a prescription written by a physician or other medically qualified treating practitioner. Many insurance providers now cover the cost for the Omni Gym. The Omni Gym is classified as durable medical equipment (DME) and a home traction medical device for the purpose of treating back or neck pain, spinal decompression, and lumbar or pelvic traction. For more detail and the CPT Code, please contact us.

Cervical Traction Neck - Blue

Neck Care: Portable Cervical Traction Unit

Looking for a simple way to self-treat your neck pain and headaches? Our neck traction unit is the best device for you. Use the nylon strap for attaching the unit to a variety of stable objects, including doors at home, office or hotel during travel. Its small lightweight design is ideal for travel and can easily fit in your purse or carry-on bag. For more information and to watch the video, click below.

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2 National Centers for Health Statistics, Chartbook on Trends in the Health of Americans 2006, Special Feature: Pain.