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Swing by, hang out and Tune IN, Turn ON, and Tone UP with us!

Classes are $12-$15 sliding scale per class (Seniors 60+, and Students are $10 per class).

Private one on one sessions are available for $35 in person and online. 

Class size is limited. CALL 48 hours in advance to RSVP for EACH class 530-332-9642

Please pay via our PayPal account (info@yogaswing.com) 48 hrs. before each class.

Note: Please eat lightly 2-3 hours before class.

LOCATION: 171 18th St,  Chico, CA (corner of Park Ave, by Rodeway Inn)

Sharon’s Weekly Class Schedule

Flexible times are available for your group of 3-6.


Monday:  11:30am-4:30pm

Wednesday: 11:30am-4:30pm

Saturday: 1 class at 1:30pm

Every 4th Saturday of the month at 1:30pm is a FREE Prenatal class. You must have a note from your Doctor or Midwife approving you to participate in low impact yoga. RSVP as class size is limited.

Class Descriptions:

  • Dynamic Swing Yoga with Sharon Cardenas, RN, IYT – beginners & intermediate level. We start low to the floor with new fluid sequential moves for each class -emphasize on the core, flexibility, strengthening, and transformation.
  • Flying Fitness – Experience a wide variety of fun and functional stretches and strengthening maneuvers for the whole body, especially core, and the spine. The class will range from super easy maneuvers where little or no work is required (ie: let gravity + the swing + the weight of your body do all the work) to those that will push you beyond your limits! There will be fun but challenging maneuvers to both relax and energize the body and mind. Mostly basic level 1, but all levels welcome. Modifications are used.

Sharon Cardenas

Holistic RN, Integrative Yoga Therapist

As Master of Ceremonies, Sharon will be introducing Flying Fitness, Swing Yoga for health  and emotional well being.  Her teachings are a creative blend of Omni Swing Core Routine,  Swing Yoga for Stress Mgmt, and  Kundalini Yoga kriyas on the Omni Swing. This mix draws forth one’s inner and outer flexibility, strength and transformation.  She also offers one-on-one or long-distance health coaching. For more information visit her website: EnergyRemedies.com

Anthony’s Classes

(Available upon request only)

Class Descriptions:

  • Muscle Brain (a.k.a. ‘Brain Yoga’) this is a cutting edge movement meditation technology consisting of whole-brain movement patterns designed to activate millions of neurons and rewire your neural pathways extremely quickly to improve brain function as well as your fine motor skills at the same time! It can be practiced as a type of taichi-yoga-dance process or an excellent movement meditation with all the benefits of meditation, but without having to sit still. Thus it is ideal for westerners who have difficulty calming the mind or sitting still. Super FUN for all ages and anyone wanting to ramp up brain function quickly!
  • Back in Action — Swing Yoga for Self Treatment of Back/Neck Pain – We will incorporate a variety of modalities and techniques including but not limited to the yoga swing to teach one how to prevent and/or self-treat their own neck and back pain. This class is for those who are ready to take total self-responsibility for their own healing! No passive treatments.
  • Movement Medicine: Spine & Core & the ‘ABC’z of Turning ON!’ – Learn the FUNdamentals of Movement Medicine where you will experience a variety fun and novel toys, tools and techniques (swing included) for activating the WHOLE BRAIN and the TOTAL BODY. Lotsa FUN new ways to quickly repattern the body-mind system for neuromuscular mastery. Including the most simple, easy, quick and effective technique for immediate Centering & Power Grounding using the only omnipotent & omnipresent force in the universe – GRAVITY! It is also the single most important postural principle and grounding technique ever for the self-treatment of neck and back pain, for headaches, and for stress management. It is also the most fundamental, easy, quick and effective technique to rebalance and reconnect to one’s own CENTER, one’s BASE, and to the CORE of one’s own true essential nature.

Tone Cardenas

Physical Therapist, Inventor

Antonio is a Physical Therapist of over 30 years. Besides being the founder of Omni Gym, Movement Medicine™ and Intuitive Yoga™, he is also known for his work in brain balance and hemispheric integration through Muscle-Brain Integration.  Antonio or ‘Tone’ as we like to call him, will focus on therapeutic uses of the Omni Gym™ with an emphasis on back and neck care, as well as Intuitive Yoga on the swing, power yoga maneuvers, and use of other Omni Gym products. Who better to learn Flying Fitness & Swing Yoga from than the one who kicked off the whole Yoga Swing revolution!

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