Back & Neck Care

Our patented cushioned swing is designed to decompress your spine in a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable way, releasing stress and alleviating chronic muscle tension.


Swing Yoga

 Enjoy the benefits of yoga, including increased energy and improved mood, while exploring a fun new way to practice at home. It´s so easy children love using it too. Enjoy at any age.


Inversion Therapy

In the comfort of your home, explore an infinite variety of stretches and strengthening maneuvers for the spine. Treat back and neck pain and strengthen your weak areas.


For All Stages of Fitness

Omni Gym yoga swings offer joint-friendly exercises for all levels of fitness and all stages of life. A scalable range of exercises makes it accessible for the hardcore athlete or the retired dad. Fully customizable with add-ons and accessories. Use both the swing and handles for suspension training with a yoga twist, or use the footies and handles for classic suspension and resistance training. Incorporate the Rocket Stand for pole fitness and use the Ab Straps for targeting core. Warm up, workout and cool down, all on one device.

Comprehensive Training

When you train in suspension, you are actively training your body to move in new ways and adjust to unexpected physical stimuli in order to maintain balance and control. This uses more muscle fibers and neurons than regular exercise on the ground. Suspension training on swing systems engages large as well as smaller stabilizer muscles in the body through multi-planar bodyweight training. Learn to use gravity as your ally according to your specific fitness goals.



Improve your balance, strength, flexibility, mobility, and range of motion. Improve and maintain joint health by avoiding jarring contact with the ground, with aerobic and non-aerobic movements in suspension.

Best of Both Worlds

Revolutionize the way you train. Intensify bodyweight training and cross-training on our suspension swing systems; and on your off days, take to the swing for rest and rejuvenation. Best of both worlds.

Features of the Omni Gym System

  • Rocket Stand is the best yoga swing stand on the market
  • Cushioned swing with loops to adjust height
  • Spring Trapeze for a gentle bounce (holds 300lbs)
  • Spin 360 degrees
  • Learn More…
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