There are several ways to install your yoga swing…..

1)  With the Omni Stand it is as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Hook all three loose-hanging carabiners into the ring at the top of the stand (into swivel unit) and voila!
  • (Make sure that the two LARGE carabiners are attached to two outside springs, and SMALL carabiner (or U-hook) is attached to the middle spring).

2) Using the Ceiling Beam Suspension Plate 

  • Hang your yoga swing from your Spring Trapeze or use Daisy Chains or rope to hang from the closed loop on the plate
  • Do not install in a ceiling beam that is less than 4×4inches thick (or the equivalent). We do NOT recommend installing the Ceiling Beam Suspension Plate into the 2″ x 4″s your house was constructed with – these ARE NOT strong enough.
  • See video tutorial: How to Install Your Ceiling Beam Suspension Plate

3) Using the 3-SpringTrapeze and Eyebolt 

  • Attach all three loose-hanging carabiners into the swivel, then with the free carabiner, you can hang your swing from any heavy-duty eyebolt screwed in VERTICALLY to a sturdy ceiling beam, rafter or tree.
  • We do NOT recommend screwing the eyebolt into the 2″ x 4″s your house was constructed with – these ARE NOT strong enough.  DO NOT screw the eyebolt in horizontally, it may break.

4) Using Ropes

  • You can obtain at least 3/4″ thick heavy duty nylon rope at your local hardware or outdoor gear store. Wrap the rope around your STURDY ceiling beam, rafter or tree using your knots of choice. A good guide to knots of rock-climbing caliber can be found HERE.
  • Remember to place a towel or piece of leather – some sort of buffer- between the rope and the anchor. This prevents “cutting” and “burning” of the rope.

5) Over the Door Daisy Chains

  • For use over a strong and stable closed door, or from a strong and secure wall hooks (as in the yoga wall). Limiting in terms of usage, mobility and versatility, but still great for basic stretches and strength training.

6) Pull-Up Bar in Doorway

  • You may use your personally purchased doorway pull-up bar to suspend the swing. BUT IT MUST BE INSTALLED SAFELY AND PROFESSIONALLY. We do not recommend the installation of your swing in this manner if not fully assessed by a professional. Limiting in terms of usage, mobility and versatility, but still great for basic stretches and strength training!

7) In Your Bedroom

  • Bedrooms are an ideal location if you find yourself hard-pressed for space in another part of the house. Get rid of the bed frame and drop the mattress down to the floor on top of the circular base of the Omni Stand – it will make the perfect mat. Now both the swing and stand can be used as ultimate accessories for higher pleasurable purposes to promote peace and love in the home, and thus more on the planet.
If there is a lack of space in home or office, get rid of something less useful…such as your TV, pool table, La-Z-Boy, etc!

8) Don’t forget about your two-point vs single-point suspension options. You can either hang your swing from two points (first image) or from one point (second image). The latter is a narrower hang and comes in handy for those with less flexible hip joints. The Omni Swing Pro also comes with a velcro cincher strap (found on foot stirrups) that will allow you to imitate a single-point suspension for a narrow hang (third image).

aerial suspension swing options


Hang Over a Tree:

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