Back & Neck Care

Our patented cushioned swing is designed to decompress your spine in a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable way, releasing stress and alleviating chronic muscle tension.


Swing Yoga

 Enjoy the benefits of yoga, including increased energy and improved mood, while exploring a fun new way to practice at home. It´s so easy children love using it too. Enjoy at any age.


Flying Fitness

With an endless repertoire of moves for aerial fitness and suspension training, we can´t be beat for full-body, multi-purpose, functional training.


Decompression & Traction

Inversion therapy is the therapeutic science of raising the hips above heart level, reversing blood flow and countering the effects of gravity. Spinal decompression and traction, by way of inversion therapy, are amongst the best forms of prevention and self-treatment of neck and back pain. Muscle tension and back pain are relieved, resulting in the capacity to improve flexibility and range of motion through strengthening exercises. Additionally, blood reversal supports all major body systems by facilitating nutrient flow through major organs such as the brain. Inversion is one of the key tools Chiropractors and Physical Therapists use to treat neck and back pain. Think of the Omni Gym system as your own personal physician when it comes to spinal health.

Patented Design for your Comfort

The Omni Swing and Rocket Stand’s unique patented design merges the ability for passive traction and decompression with active stretching and progressive strength training. Key features include internal padding, integrated height-adjustment and our Spring Trapeze. By joining the beneficial forces of inversion therapy with yoga and suspension fitness, the Omni Gym system offers exclusive benefits of improved whole body health with unprecedented and rapid results. Use your system at home, or take it with you on your travels.

Do You Fit Into Any of These Groups? Inversion Can Help.

81 million with low back pain
45 million with severe headaches
45 million with neck pain
12 million with facial ache pain
National Centers for Health Statistics, Chartbook on Trends in the Health of Americans 2006, Special Feature: Pain.
Bill decompressing his neck and spine in inversion on the Omni Swing with our Trapeze System.

Safe & Secure

Our suspension swing systems are safe for all ages and fitness abilities. By inverting from your large hip joint instead of weak ankle joints, you can enjoy the benefits of inversion in a safer and more effective way. Bill is a 71-year-old recovered quadriplegic who uses his Omni Gym every day to increase his range of motion and relieve neck pain. Today he’s walking, working, and living life! He praises the Omni Gym system for dramatically improving his quality of life and wants to let us know that, “I’m perfectly held by the Omni Gym in [inversion]. Completely secure and completely safe.” Read more…

Get Inverted

Reset your system

Coffee doesn´t stand a chance with our portable swing systems. Whether at home, the office or traveling; relieve pain, boost energy levels and clear your head in 5 minutes!

Health Insurance

The Omni Gym can be affordably obtained through a prescription written by a physician or other medically qualified treating practitioner. Many insurance providers now cover the cost for the Omni Gym therapy system. The Omni Gym is classified as durable medical equipment (DME) and a home traction medical device for the purpose of treating back or neck pain, spinal decompression, and lumbar or pelvic traction. For more detail and the CPT Code, please contact us.
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Adjustable and Comfortable

Effectively and safely invert from the large hip joint, rather than from the weak ankle joint. The padding in our Omni Swing ensures comfortable inversions while the integrated height adjustment system allows you to decide at what angle to invert – whether it is with the entire back on the ground or in complete vertical position.

Our Favorite Products to Invert On
Omni Swing Pro (Red) and inversion poseOmni Swing Pro (Red)

Omni Swing Pro

$ 249.00
5.00 out of 5

Soothe your back pain with spinal decompression and stretch to your hearts content with aerial yoga. The Omni Swing Pro features a padded sling and foot stirrups for comfort and multi-functionality. #1 Seller!

Omni Swing Pro (blue) with Trapeze - Flying Fish PoseOmni-Swing-plus-Trapeze-numbered

Omni Swing Pro + Spring Trapeze

$ 395.00
5.00 out of 5

Add soft bounce to your inversion therapy practice and shock absorption for suspension strength training. The padded Omni Swing Pro lets you practice aerial yoga for hours on end.

Omni Gym

$ 795.00 $ 636.00
5.00 out of 5

Our signature Omni Swing Pro + Omni Stand. A practical set up for aerial yoga, back and neck care and suspension training. Stand assembles in 10 minutes indoors or outdoors. A customer favorite!

5 Reasons Inversion is for You

  • You have back pain and you know that picking up your toddler shouldn´t put your back out of whack for three whole days.
  • You want to improve your posture, maybe even get a little bit taller.
  • You change your car´s oil every 5,000 miles, but do you change yours? Inversion is to humans what an oil and filter change is to automobiles.
  • You want to feel GOOD! What if inverting relieved stress, cleared your head and gave you a boost of energy at all once? Yeah, it does that.
  • You want the best abs and the strongest core you´ve ever had. Have you tried inverted crunches yet? You need to.