What is Movement Medicine?

Movement Medicine™ and METTA Physical Therapy is where you can TUNE IN, TURN ON and TONE UP with the greatest health, fitness and healing tools and technologies from Rhythym and Movement Therapist and progressive movement pioneer Tone Cardenas.
Learn how to practice and incorporate into your everyday lifestyle: total body and brain fitness and integration, balance, flexibility, strength and coordination, stress management and the prevention and self-treatment of neck and back pain, headaches and muscle aches.

Explore the FUNdamentals of Movement Medicine through:

  • Conscious excesses of attention
  • Movement as meditation
  • Intuitive Yoga™
  • Rhythm Therapy™
  • Muscle Brain Integration™
  • Therapeutic ectstacise and pleasure-cise

Enjoy and benefit from other therapeutic inventions such as the Omni Gym YogaSwing™!

Learn more about Tone´s most popular programs:

Intuitive Yoga™

The Original Method
With Tone Cardenas, Physical Therapist

Muscle Brain Integration & Rhythm Therapy™

Activate millions of brain cells and neuronal pathways; learn to balance the R/L hemispheres of the brain.

Back in Balance, Back in Action™

Unique and effective program on the prevention and self treatment of back and neck pain

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  1. Hi,
    I don’t live in Chico, but will be staying there this coming week (Monday through Thursday). I am wondering about a private class, since the 5:30 p.m. class might not be possible for me. I am especially interested in working with the brain function, since I have a brain tumor. I have practiced Hatha-style yoga since 1999, but have never experienced the benefits of the omniswing. If you are responding this evening (Sunday), please call 530-595-3252. If you reach this message later, please call my cell phone at 530-515-2089 if there is any possibility of scheduling a private class. Thank You!

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