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DNA Hanging Ladder

DNA Hanging Ladder

$ 88.00

Expands on the versatility & functions of your swing, giving you a stable structure to hang on to while using your yoga swing.

The Works

$ 1,452.00 $ 899.00

Everything you need to become proficient in aerial fitness, pain management and the mind-body connection. For home and travel. Includes 10 instructional videos (digital downloads).

The Works Light with DNA Hanging LadderPelvic traction on Omni Swing

The Works Light

$ 1,045.00 $ 555.00

By replacing the Omni Stand with the DNA Hanging Ladder you can have The Works Light – a complete aerial yoga/suspension training/back care set-up for a lighter price.

Black Ab StrapsCrunches with the Ad Straps - Green

Ab Straps

$ 44.00

The perfect accessory for working your abs and core. Use in conjunction with your Yoga Swing or alone. Fits easily in a purse or backpack.

101 Yoga Positions Poster - Flying Aerial Fitness

Omni Yoga Swing Pose Poster

$ 44.00

Hang next to your swing system for a quick and easy reference guide. Includes poses and sequences for back and neck care, aerial yoga and core training.