Original Bundles

The Original Yoga Swing that started the whole revolution. Get yours at the best price out there!

Orignial Omni Swing - Purple
Original Yoga Swing - Light Plum

Omni Yoga Swing Original

$ 149.00 $ 75.00
5.00 out of 5

The world’s first yoga swing for aerial yoga, suspension training and inversion therapy. Since 2001. A customer favorite!

Omni Swing Pro Bundles

Our #1 seller. Padded sling and footies make for a comfortable and versatile practice.

Omni Swing Pro (Red) and inversion poseOmni Swing Pro (Red)

Omni Swing Pro

$ 249.00
5.00 out of 5

Soothe your back pain with spinal decompression and stretch to your hearts content with aerial yoga. The Omni Swing Pro features a padded sling and foot stirrups for comfort and multi-functionality. #1 Seller!

Omni Swing Pro (blue) with Trapeze - Flying Fish PoseOmni-Swing-plus-Trapeze-numbered

Omni Swing Pro + Spring Trapeze

$ 395.00
5.00 out of 5

Add soft bounce to your inversion therapy practice and shock absorption for suspension strength training. The padded Omni Swing Pro lets you practice aerial yoga for hours on end.

Omni Stand Bundles

Hang your yoga swing anywhere. Set up and breakdown in a matter of minutes.

Omni Stand

$ 495.00 $ 395.00
5.00 out of 5

Portable yoga swing support stand. Sets up in 10 minutes indoors or outdoors. Fits in your carry-on. Great for home, office or travel. Sturdy, portable and long-lasting.

Omni Gym

$ 795.00 $ 636.00
5.00 out of 5

Our signature Omni Swing Pro + Omni Stand. A practical set up for aerial yoga, back and neck care and suspension training. Stand assembles in 10 minutes indoors or outdoors. A customer favorite!

Package Deals - HUGE SAVINGS

Get the most bang for your buck with these package deals. The ultimate set-up.

The Works

$ 1,452.00 $ 899.00

Everything you need to become proficient in aerial fitness, pain management and the mind-body connection. For home and travel. Includes 10 instructional videos (digital downloads).

The Works Light with DNA Hanging LadderPelvic traction on Omni Swing

The Works Light

$ 1,045.00 $ 555.00

By replacing the Omni Stand with the DNA Hanging Ladder you can have The Works Light – a complete aerial yoga/suspension training/back care set-up for a lighter price.

Stretchy Bundles

Keen on aerial arts? Our stretchies are made specifically for acrobatics, massage and relaxation.

Stretchy Sling - purpleStretchy Yoga Sling - Jade Green

Omni Stretchy Hammock

$ 149.00

A perfect starter swing for anyone interested in aerial arts, stress relief or Swing Massage. Relax, play, and stretch your worries away. Made exclusively for cocooning and aerial play.


Omni Stretchy Swing - Sapphire Blue

Omni Stretchy Swing

$ 249.00

The Omni Stretchy Hammock plus 6 handles for more versatility and suspension training capabilities. Can´t go wrong here! For aerial yoga, Swing Massage and inversion therapy.

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