Original Bundles

The Original Yoga Swing that started the whole revolution. Get yours at the best price out there!

The world’s only original & patented Yoga Swing for aerial yoga, suspension training and inversion therapy. Since 2001.

Omni Yoga Swing Original plus 360 degrees of spin. An old classic meets something new. Perfect combination.

3 originals in 1 sweet package: the Original Yoga Swing + Spring Trapeze + Omni Stand.

Omni Swing Pro Bundles

Our #1 seller. Padded sling and footies make for a comfortable and versatile practice.

Decompress your spine & train in suspension in our #1 seller. Padded sling & foot stirrups.

The Omni Swing Pro with 360 degrees of maneuverability and a soft gentle bounce for therapeutics and play.

The omni of omnis. Padded Omni Swing Pro, Spring Trapeze and Ab Straps – a sweet touch for core.

Omni Stand Bundles

Hang your yoga swing anywhere. Set up and breakdown in a matter of minutes.

Swing anywhere with the Omni Stand. Sets up, breaks down in under 10 minutes! Sturdy, portable and long-lasting.

Hang the swing you have at home from this set-up.  Bump your space from boring to rocking in minutes.

Best of both worlds with our signature Omni Gym. Padded Omni Swing Pro and portable Omni Stand. A customer favorite.

By replacing the Omni Stand with the DNA Ladder, you can have The Works for a lighter price.

Swing and stand set-up also includes Daisy Chains and Ab Straps for extra variety in aerial yoga, inversion therapy, suspension & all-sport cross training.

We went crazy with this one! Get fully equipped for aerial fitness, therapeutics, back and neck care and mind-body integration. Includes 6 instructional videos.

Stretchy Bundles

Keen on aerial arts? Our stretchies are made specifically for acrobatics, massage and relaxation.

Stretch out from head to toe. Made exclusively for cocooning and aerial play. Silky soft fabric feels like heaven!

The Omni Stretchy Hammock plus 6 handles for added versatility and suspension training capabilities. Can´t go wrong here!

The Omni Stretchy Swing with 360 degrees of maneuverability and a soft gentle bounce for therapeutics and play.

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