Back & Neck Care

Our patented cushioned swing is designed to decompress your spine in a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable way, releasing stress and alleviating chronic muscle tension.


Inversion Therapy

In the comfort of your home, explore an infinite variety of stretches and strengthening maneuvers for the spine. Treat back and neck pain and strengthen your weak areas.


Flying Fitness

With an endless repertoire of moves for aerial fitness and suspension training, we can´t be beat for full-body, multi-purpose, functional training.


Take Flight

Since creating the original yoga swing over 15 years ago, nothing excites us more than to share what has become a life changing system for ourselves and many others. Your’e looking to take your yoga practice to new heights, or experience individual asanas in a new light, hang with us, we´ve got your back.

For All Ages

Made for all ages and all stages of life, our swings are transforming lives by raising the bar of fun and at the same providing a joint-friendly and satisfying method for exercise and aerial play. Yoga in suspension allows you to joyfully reconnect with your inner child and hang out like you once did on the monkey bars. Swing Yoga is for everyone. Kids love to play in the swing because it´s second nature, adults love the experience of a new kind of workout and seniors love the therapeutic nature.



Aerial yoga is a fun and effective way to decompress and elongate the spine, reducing stress while enhancing your quality of life. Improving on the general restorative yoga class, Omni Gym Yoga Swings allow:

  • beginners to start their practice on the floor
  • gentle pelvic traction and spinal decompression
  • supported relaxation into stretches and poses
  • joint-friendly resistance training and stretching


through your yoga practice

Pack it up, pick it up and take it with you. Our favorite place to take our portable swing system? To the park on a warm summer evening with friends. So much funner than a yoga mat.


“I had an office job and I was experiencing huge pains in my back and neck, so my doctor recommended physiotherapy on a regular basis. When I started using the Omni Swing regularly, I kind of stopped going to physiotherapy, and in less than one year my back and neck pain were gone. But the best part was that I was just having fun…”

Renata Coznici, Aerial Gymnast & Instructor in Romania at Yogafly & Thai Therapy

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Our Picks for Swing Yoga

Strength and Flexibility

Practicing yoga in suspension is an immediate way to re-pattern your neuro-muscular-skeletal system in order to regain, improve and maintain:

  • Balance, equilibrium, awareness, and stamina
  • Joint mobility and stability
  • Increase range of motion
  • Muscle tone, strength, and flexibility
  • And many more physical and mental benefits
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