I love my Omni Gym I’ve had the Omni (Rocket) Stand for five years.

Heather Castillo
Omni Stand Owner

“I LOVE my new Omni Swing. As an amputee since a motorcycle accident, it’s tough for me to stretch and move the parts of my body that used to power the leg that’s no longer there. Now, if i can only get my eight-year old to let me have a turn!”

Jeanette Anderson
Amputee, Omni Swing Owner

“We have started our first round of classes last week and the response has been really great! I want to thank you and really appreciate you developing such an awesome product… Im sure our members and many other people feel the same way! Thanks again… & keep being incredible!!!”

JJ Sweeney
Co-Founder, Celebrity Fitness

“I feel GREAT! My body just feels like it’s glowing! For all the nursing mamas..THIS IS THE TICKET!!! SO much relief! INSTANTLY! Thank you …Thank You ..Thank You!!…Much Love.” 

Nova White
Nursing Mother

“We have been using the swing a lot and totally love it. In short the swing was the coolest Xmas present I could have given and we’ve logged many many hours upside down and on it in general. Blessings to you guys and thanks again for everything! Mucha luz…”

Fabio Blancarte Diaz

“Here we only got one place to join swing yoga & it was so expensive. I have a lower back pain, so I cant do other fitness thing or aerobic. I enjoyed it very much, its better than any other yoga because its not makes me boring at the class, in fact I love it. pardon my bad english! :)”

Destriana Chantikadewi
- Indonesia

“I am tremendously enjoying my Yoga Swing. I set it up in my yoga studio, and now my students are BEGGING to use it often. I hang upside down sometimes when I teach…especially when I need a pick me up! Love your swing, and I am eternally grateful.”

Aranka Shkolnikov
Studio Owner

“Now, when I look in the mirror, I can physically see a change in the shape of my body and I have only been on the Yoga Swing a few times. That is results! I do the Yoga Swing exercises nightly before going to bed and am now able to get to sleep without pain. That is why I got the swing, to get rid of my ongoing pain. All of the other benefits are mere side affects. And, what wonderful side affects they are!”

Nancy Fleck
Omni Swing Owner

“I suffered 2 years from very strong sciatic nerve pain down my leg from a L5/S1 herniated disc. I tried everything to find relief (acupuncture, herbal remedies, hot packs, etc) but nothing worked. To escape an operation that could hinder my life forever I found inversion therapy to be the best way to get rid of my pain. I´ve now begun to educate people how to prevent unnecessary surgery.”

Licha Kaddissy
Omni Swing Owner, Lebanon

“The two best investments in my life: the YogaSwing and lasik eye surgery… in that order. It’s amazing!”

Valerie Fishman
Omni Swing Owner

¨With this Yoga Swing you can go beyond your own boundaries within the comfort of your own home!¨

tone-with-world yoga champion
Lesli Christiansen, 2003 World Yoga Champion

“My favorite thing is the inversion. You could develop a complete geriatric program [with the Omni Gym], I am energetically at peace while doing this… it feels like I’m flying.”

Bill loves using the Omni Gym to decompressing his neck and spine
Bill MaHannah
Recovered Quadriplegic

71 year old on the Omni Gym

What is your story?

Have you used our products to relieve your back or neck pain? Maybe you have improved your balance of mind and body with aerial yoga? Do you use our swings in your studio or with clients independently? Do you challenge your body with suspension training workouts? We´d love to hear how our yoga swings have helped you!

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