Great for companies who wish to make the most profit by buying our products at wholesale prices and selling them retail through their online store, studio, gym, at congresses or on the streets if you wish! Anywhere you can grab someone’s attention or to try it out, YogaSwings literally sell themselves! All one has to do is experience the fun, the relief of back/neck pain and stress & tension after playing on it for just a few minutes and you have a sale. No sales pitch necessary – just let them EXPERIENCE IT FOR THEMSELVES – and viola, Kaching!
To purchase Omni Gym yogaswing wholesale requires that you keep in stock a certain amount of swings and are responsible for all marketing, promotion, shipping and handling and collecting the money as in any independent sales business. Please email us at info@yogaswings.com for your wholesale/drop-ship application.

For those wishing to purchase Omni Gym products for a gym, studio or private practice, please call us at 1-877-YOGA-GYM or email us at info@yogaswings.com

No refunds on wholesale orders. Products may be exchanged within 30 days of receiving the items. Customer pays S&H on exchanges.


The drop-shipping program is designed for retailers who would like us to send Omni Gym products directly to their customers. This is a great system for online merchants, affiliates or anyone not wishing to purchase products or have any in stock. Call us at 1-877-YOGA-GYM or email for more info. Inquiries can be sent to DropShipping@Yogaswing.com

Patent No. 7255666


  1. I’m interested in the omni gym yoga swing and would like to install one in my clinic (I’m a chiropractor in Florida). I figure that if I have on here, the patients can use it and get the benefits. They may want to purchase one for home use and maybe they will actually do the home exercises I prescribe. It’ll make it fun for them.

    • Hello Penny, Thank you for your interest. We’d love to provide you with more information about wholesale. Our swings will be a great addition to your practice. Please call our office and we’ll be happy to email our whole pricing. You can reach us at 1-877-964-2496 between 9am-5pm PST (Mon-Thr), or Friday 9am-3pm PST.

    • Oh no! Rochelle, that could be what happened :/ What products can we help you with? Feel to call us M-F 10am-4pm at 530-332-9642 to catch us in person!

    • Can you give us a call so we can help you with the order? You can also try emailing again or sending us a message through facebook. Thank you!

    • HI Aya, Im not sure where that email went. Sorry we never got back to you. Can you give us a call at 800-877-YOGA or DM us on fb: Omni Gym Yoga Swing

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