Innovative and exceedingly different from everything else, omni is the only term
that comes close to describing the multi-functionality and versatility of our Omni Gym yoga swing suspension systems.

Omni Stand - Trapeze System Pull-Ups


The Omni Gym system is a swing + stand system that takes your exercise regimen to whole new levels. The overall effect of striving to maintain one’s balance, equilibrium & awareness while performing swing yoga, suspension fitness or aerial play forces the complete integration and use of our neuro-muscular-skeletal system. Physical fitness and dexterity improve, and cerebral functions will benefit as well.

Regular exercise on the Omni Swing Pro tones and strengthens the large primary muscle groups as well as the smaller stabilizer muscles for full-body neuro-muscular re-patterning. Exercising in suspension recruits more brain neurons, motor cells, and muscle fibers than ground or water exercise, increasing neuronal pathway activity and integrating the new information into the body´s movement memory.


Perhaps the biggest draw of Omni Gym suspension systems is that it is inherently therapeutic, yet fun. Our unique Spring Trapeze adds an exhilarating zero-gravity bounce to exercises. Perhaps this is what exercising on the moon might feel like? Or maybe it´s more like flying … we´ll leave that up to you. The therapeutic benefits of hanging upside down and exercising in suspension are numerous:

  • Relieve nerve root pressure along the entire spine
  • Improve posture due to poor postural habits, injury, lack of movement, aging
  • Alleviate muscle tension
  • Alleviate and eliminate back and neck pain
  • Heal back, neck, spine problems
  • Increase joint mobility
  • Strengthen all muscles in your body
  • Drastically improve flexibility
  • Trigger relaxation response allowing body to heal
  • Increase circulation of blood, lymph for detoxification and energy
  • Relieve stress
  • Counterbalance the effects of gravity on joints, posture and skin
  • Increased blood flow and inversion are a “natural botox”
  • Feel like a kid again


The Omni Gym system was invented with comfort and versatility in mind. Years of tinkering and playing finally led to this. Your Omni Gym system comes with integrated cushioning in the sling and foot stirrups, an integrated height-adjustment system, 10 extra hand-loops, and cincher straps and foot coverings for easy clean-ups. No more slick nylon fabric, external height-adjusting cord, nor hard plastic sliders. The 3-Spring Trapeze and portable Omni Stand  are the final cherries on top that make your Omni Gym system the best health and fitness device you´ve ever owned.

A more complete and superior system for fitness and spinal care at home, office or travel does not yet exist. We guarantee a superior and safer inversion device compared to similar products as well as a trainer that outshines all other suspension trainers, home gyms, fitness, yoga and Pilates equipment.  Do it all, simplify, spend less.


The swing itself is very lightweight, comes with its own carrying sack, and easily fits into a backpack or your carry-on. Suspend it from any sturdy ceiling beam, rafter, tree branch, or from our portable Omni Stand, which sets up and breaks down in under 10 minutes.

Don´t forget to check out our accessory line. We hope you enjoy Omni Gym as much as we do!

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