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Physical Therapist and movement pioneer Tone Cardenas will lead a one-day workshop on the FUNdamentals of Muscle Brain Integration,  Movement Medicine, Intuitive Yoga, and the ABC’z of Turning ON.  

 Muscle-Brain is a quantum movement technology consisting of whole brain and body exercises of attention designed to balance and enhance brain and motor function by activating millions of new neurons, rewiring the neural pathways and fine tuning our sensorimotor (neuromuscular) skills more quickly than anything we know of!

Muscle Brain is less well-known but just as revolutionary as our Yoga Swing invention. Its super fun and challenging and requires no equipment other than your willing brain and body.  Its as appealing, fun and challenging to fitness enthusiasts as it is to the brainy types, to young children as it is to adults. Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists even use it for therapeutic rehab in patients with sensorimotor deficits. It is as beneficial to students seeking to improve their academic performance as it is to athletes wishing to enhance fine motor skills. It’s ideal for anyone wishing greater mental function, focus and concentration … which is to say, EVERYONE!

With Muscle Brain you gain the benefits of meditation without having to sit still. Such as how to stop the inner chatter and attain a quiet mind, how to slow the brain waves down to alpha and to enter heightened states of awareness easily and quickly. Its also great for stress management and to free up blocked energy!

With ABC’z of Turning ON you will learn the single most important posture and grounding technique EVER for the relief of neck & back pain, headaches,  stress management,  and to reconnect to one’s CORE and to one’s true nature as taught by Buddha and masters of tai chi and qigong! It is in fact the very headwaters of yoga, tai chi and qigong.

With The ABC’z you will learn 9 practical and powerful principles:

1) ‘tuning in & turning on’,

2) always move from the CORE,  3) total calmness on exhalation,

4) ‘gravitational grounding’ – why it is superior to electrostatic grounding

5) power alignment on the spinal axis using the ‘cranial sacral postural reflex’,

6) ‘balancing on the bones’,  7) breathing into the belly brain’,

8) ‘Feeling States of Awareness’ – why are superior than visualization or imagination, and

9) ‘connecting to the circuit’ – allying with gravity to plug in to the powerful electromagnetic fields above and below us via cranium and core!

More importantly you will learn how to implement ALL of these principles and techniques simultaneously, instantly and on demand for immediate and practical use in all of your activities of daily living!  If this class doesn’t ‘blow your mind‘, enhance your brain function, and expand your evolutionary tool box you are welcome to a full refund.

Free Muscle Brain DVD & Breath Beads included in workshop!

Call (530) 332-9642 for more information on Muscle Brain Movement Medicine.

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Chico, CA is located in the heart of Northern California. It is “a cultural, economic, and educational center of the northern Sacramento Valley and home to both Chico State University and Bidwell Park, one of the country’s top 5 largest municipal parks.”1 Chico is surrounded by lakes, rivers, and just 1/2 hour from the closest forests. When you’re not training with us, we recommend you check out the gorgeous Bidwell Park and Sacramento River. If you’re visiting during the summer, be sure to bring your bathing suit, the weather will be HOT!
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Hotel across the street is Rodeway Inn at 1717 Park Ave off 18th Street. Phone is 530-342-9472. Mention you are with Omni-Gym Training across the street for a 10% discount. It should be around $63.00/night plus tax. (Price may change)
If looking for a more upscale hotel experience, check out the historic Hotel Diamond, in the heart of downtown Chico 2 miles from venue, but you will need a taxi to this beautiful historic location.


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Tone Cardenas

Physical Therapist, Inventor

Tone is a Physical Therapist of over 30 years. Besides being the founder of Omni Gym, Movement Medicine™ and Intuitive Yoga™, he is also known for his work in brain balance and hemispheric integration through Muscle-Brain Integration.  Antonio or ‘Tone’ as we like to call him, will focus on therapeutic uses of the Omni Gym™ with an emphasis on back and neck care, as well as Intuitive Yoga on the swing, power yoga maneuvers, and use of other Omni Gym products. Who better to learn Flying Fitness & Swing Yoga from than the one who kicked off the whole Yoga Swing revolution!