Omni Original Yoga Swing vs Other Brands

  • Compare prices: Other yoga swings on the market are too expensive compared to their quality and function. Our swings start at $88
  • Other swings have handles that are too short, shortchanging the amount of maneuvers that you should be able to perform on a well-crafted swing. Handle length limits the overall functionality and versatility of a yoga swing
  • Omni Gym yoga swings are made with soft fabric sliders for swing adjustment (not uncomfortable hard plastic sliders)
  • We don’t use unsafe S-Hooks. We use heavy-duty closed-loop carabiners to ensure that your swing will not slip out of place

Omni Swing Pro vs Other Swings

  • Omni Swing Pro comes with built-in height adjustment system. No need for an external nylon cord
  • Omni Swing Pro middle handle loops double as extra hand-holds. No other swing offers this much to “hang on to”
  • Omni Swing Pro comes with footies to cushion feet, knees, thighs, forearms & shoulders for greater comfort and function
  • Omni Swing Pro comes with integrated sling cushioning, eliminating the possibility of the fabric digging into your skin and causing bruising
  • No other swing on the market is as comfortable nor as versatile as the Omni Swing Pro, exclusive to Omni Gym
  • Compare prices: other padded swings may be priced the same yet offer less than the Omni Swing Pro

Spring Trapeze System

  • All of our swings are available for purchase with or without the Spring Trapeze
  • You will find our 3-Spring Trapeze nowhere else. Exclusive to Omni Gym.

Omni Stand

  • Portable, strong and easy to use (sets up in under 10 minutes). Packs down small enough to check in as normal sized luggage on the airplane.
  • You will find our Omni Stand nowhere else. Exclusive to Omni Gym.

Omni Gym vs. Other Inversion Devices

  • Gravity Boots are limited in function to inversion therapy hangs and inversion core strength training
    • Awkward and uncomfortable to use
    • Can be dangerous if not used properly
    • Unnatural hanging from anatomically weak ankle joint as compared to hanging on the yoga swing by the larger and more stable pelvic girdle
    • Priced at $60-$180
  • Inversion tables are limited in function to inversion therapy and back and neck care
    • Hefty and bulky. Not easy to move around nor transport
    • Expensive for their single function – inversion therapy – ranging from $120-$600
  • Omni Gym yoga swings are versatile
    • Functions range from inversion therapy, back and neck care, spinal decompression, pelvic traction, yoga and stretching, pilates, suspension training, aerial fitness, aerial dance, acrobatic, gymnastic, dance, sports and martial arts cross trainer, home rehabilitation, sport rehabilitation, stress management and relaxation. Also serves as a hammock or sky chair.
    • Portable and easy to assemble
    • For inversion therapy and back and neck care, you can choose to work low to the ground or hang directly upside down, offering a wide variety of inversion angles
    • Prices start at $88

Omni Gym vs. Home Gyms

  • Most home gyms are limited in function to strength training
    • Take up a lot of space
    • Not portable
    • Priced at $1000+
  • Omni Gym yoga swings are versatile
    • Functions range from inversion therapy, back and neck care, spinal decompression, pelvic traction, yoga and stretching, pilates, suspension training, bodyweight strength training, aerial fitness, aerial dance, acrobatic, gymnastic, dance, sports and martial arts cross trainer, home rehabilitation, sport rehabilitation, stress management and relaxation. Also serves as a hammock or sky chair.
    • Portable and easy to assemble
    • For the price you pay for a home gym you get the strength training functions and more with Omni Gym without having to invest in several fitness products
    • Prices start at $88

Omni Gym Pro vs. Other Suspension Trainers

  • Suspension trainers such as TRX are limited in function to suspension bodyweight strength training and basic stretching
    • Portable and easy to assemble
    • Priced between $199-$299
  • Omni Gym yoga swings offer a full spectrum of suspension training and limitless stretching, yoga, back and neck care, inversion therapy, pilates, aerial dance and more
    • Portable and easy to assemble
    • Much more than a basic suspension trainer
    • Prices start at $88

Omni Swing vs. Other Yoga Swings

  • Other yoga swing brands are limited when it comes to suspension strength training, comfort and versatility
    • Uncomfortable swing materials don´t lend to an enjoyable suspension training practice
    • The key to bodyweight training is variety. Other yoga swing brands do not offer this due to their limited design and sub-par materials
  • The Omni Swing offers a full spectrum of bodyweight suspension training and more
    • The only swing that offers a wide range of handle and height positions with our integrated height-adjustment system
    • We beat all other swings on comfort and multi-functionality with our padded foot stirrups and sling
    • No other yoga swing offers as much function and versatility at such a great price point

We often get asked what the difference is between our yoga swings and other swing brands on the market.
Read on for a detailed answer to a great question:

Q: I was wondering if there was any way you can compare your Omni Swing to the newer swings out there. Is your model really more comfortable and why? Thanks in advance for any info you can provide. I ask so because I bought an inversion sling from Yoga**** and I’m out $100+ as it sits collecting dust because it is so painful to use. – Angel

A: Angel, we are fully aware of your concerns. The likely discomfort (sometimes pain) of most other yoga swings found on the market, all of which are modeled after the Omni Yoga Swing Original, is actually what led us to innovate and design our latest Omni Swing Pro model. We quickly realized that any non-cushioned swing tends to dig into the skin and be very uncomfortable, even causing the occasional bruise. This would prevent people from using them as long or as often as desired. The padded Omni Swing Pro was the perfect fix. You can practice for hours, day after day, in TOTAL COMFORT with never a bruise! Beware of inferior copycats online – which are less comfortable, less versatile, and neither as safe nor complete as Omni Gym models. Make sure you know what constitutes a genuine and effective yoga swing and compare the differences before purchasing. Caveut emptor.

To shed more light on the differences between our swings and other brands, we need to divide the following breakdown into two categories and take a look at two of our most popular swing models, the Omni Yoga Swing Original and the Omni Swing Pro:

I. Omni Yoga Swing Original vs. Other Brands

Besides price, the main difference between our yoga swing and others is that they use inferior and/or unsafe components which we would never sell.

1) Overpriced

No one can beat our combination of quality, comfort, and versatility for the price. Compare and share.

2) Hard plastic adjusters


Hard Plastic Slider

Other brands use these on both the middle sling section as well as the fabric handles and they can dig painfully into the skin during use. We do not use these and opt for soft fabric sliding adjusters instead.

 3) Unsafe S-Hooks

Other brands use open-ended S-Hooks that can easily slip out of either the suspension ropes or the fabric handles themselves. This is a very serious flaw in swing design. All Omni Gym models use the safer and more secure carabiner snap hooks.


Unsafe S-Hook


See below for actual footage of a dangerous slip-out with the s-hook handles at 1:55 minutes into the video.   The woman in this video is lucky that she was not in a more compromising position when the handle slipped off.

4) Too-short handles & foot stirrups

Other brands handles are too short to adequately perform the hundreds of maneuvers that are possible on Omni Gym models. This limits the overall functionality and versatility of a yoga swing. Compare handle lengths of other swings with the longer handles & stirrups of our yoga swings.

II. Omni Swing Pro vs. Other Brands

The second category of differences reveals the wide gap between our Omni Swing Pro and all other swings on the market (including even our own Omni Yoga Swing Original). No other yoga swing in the world can boast the unique advantages of the Omni.

1) External nylon cords

Used by all other yoga swing brands for suspension and/or height adjustment. They are unsightly and external to the yoga swing design. The  Omni Swing Pro aesthetically incorporates the height adjustment system right into the swing handles.



Integrated Height Adjustment System

2) Built-in cushioning

Omni Swing Pro is the most comfortable yoga swing out there for several important reasons. In the photo below notice how a non-cushioned swing becomes like a tight thin cord that digs into the skin uncomfortably. It will likewise dig into ones spine, arms, waist, hips, thighs, shoulders, etc. once the body’s full weight is hanging on it during inversion, forward-bends or back-bends. This can become painful, may cause bruising, and is the number one complaint from users of this swing model. This also is the number one reason why we revamped our older yoga swing design to come up with the Omni Swing Pro with comfortable cushioning built into both the sling as well as into the footies. No more bruises. Perfect for pain-free swinging.



Painful Yoga Swing Inversion

3) Padded footies

One of the best features of the Omni Swing Pro are the padded footies. They are comfortable to stand on, can be slid up the legs and thighs, and placed under the arms all the way to the shoulders for maneuvers that are unavailable on other swings. This function makes the Omni Swing Pro more comfortable, useful and versatile. The padded footies are multi-functional. Think outside of the box and use them on your thighs, shins, forearms, shoulders, neck or wherever your imagination says go!

Padded footies on Omni Swing

Padded footies on Omni Swing Pro

4). Handholds

The Omni Swings Pro´s internally-integrated height-adjustment system offers a grand total of 14 different handholds  – and that doesn´t include the two footies nor pull-up bar! Other swings offer only four handholds and two short foot-stirrups. Omni Swing Pro has 5 hand-loops sewn into each of the middle handles and the upper handles are completely independent and can be moved higher or lower onto any of these loops. This feature, combined with the optional pull-up bar Trapeze System, will give you plenty of material to work with in your quest to master the thousands of combinations of maneuvers achievable on your Omni Swing Pro.


4) Cincher straps

Lets take a look at these neat little additions. When you get your Omni Swing Pro you will find these wrapped around the padded footies (protects your stirrups). Take them off and you have two cincher straps for the purpose of binding handles and straps together or “cinching” the sling closer together (great for those with tight hips). Here´s another tip: instead of washing the entire footie, when it gets dirty, all you need to do is wash the removable cincher straps. Ingenious.




Cincher Strap used to bring sides of swing closer together

5) 3-Spring Trapeze System

The next best thing to dancing on the moon! You won’t find this set-up sold anywhere else. Our heavy duty 3-Spring Trapeze System is designed to hold up to 300lbs of weight and promises to give you the ride of your life. Our industrial strength springs are very safe and add a lovely zero-gravity bounce. Gentle bouncing is a great therapeutic tool for the lymph system and just like a baby, you might even find yourself taking your afternoon nap in your swing. Don’t forget it also comes with a pull-up bar with two foam grips and 3 different bar rings just in case you wanted to suspend the swing from a single-point instead of the the normal two-point suspension. Single point suspension also gives you the option of a 360 degree spin. Our Trapeze Systems are available with all swing models.

Trapeze System - Omni Gym without cover

3-Spring Trapeze System shown without cover

Yoga Swing trapeze

3-Spring Trapeze System, Exclusive to Omni Gym